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SPF_dns_server_tSPF_dns_resolv_new (SPF_dns_server_t *layer_below, const char *name, int debug)

Detailed Description

The resolv DNS layer is an interface to the libresolv stub DNS resolver.

While multiple resolv DNS layers can be created, I can't see much use for more than one.

For an overview of the DNS layer system, see spf_dns.h

Definition in file spf_dns_resolv.h.

Function Documentation

SPF_dns_server_t* SPF_dns_resolv_new ( SPF_dns_server_t layer_below,
const char *  name,
int  debug 

These routines take care of creating/destroying/etc. the objects that hold the DNS layer configuration. SPF_dns_server_t objects contain malloc'ed data, so they must be destroyed when you are finished with them, or you will leak memory.

if debugging is enabled, information about the results from libresolv will be displayed. This information is often not passed on to (and not needed by) the higher level DNS layers.

Definition at line 617 of file spf_dns_resolv.c.

References SPF_dns_server_struct::add_cache, SPF_dns_server_struct::debug, SPF_dns_server_struct::destroy, SPF_dns_server_struct::get_exp, SPF_dns_server_struct::get_spf, SPF_dns_server_struct::layer_below, SPF_dns_server_struct::lookup, SPF_dns_server_struct::name, NULL, and SPF_warning.

Referenced by SPF_server_new().

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