spf_dns_test.h File Reference

A testing layer for DNS. More...

#include "spf_dns.h"

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SPF_dns_server_tSPF_dns_test_new (SPF_dns_server_t *layer_below, const char *name, int debug)

Detailed Description

A testing layer for DNS.

The test DNS layer is actually just a thin wrapper around the zone DNS layer. It provides all the DNS information needed to do the SPF regression tests. This happens to be useful to me when I'm developing the library on my laptop and am not connected to the net.

While multiple test DNS layers can be created, I can't see any use for more than one.

For an overview of the DNS layer system, see spf_dns.h

Definition in file spf_dns_test.h.

Function Documentation

SPF_dns_server_t* SPF_dns_test_new ( SPF_dns_server_t layer_below,
const char *  name,
int  debug 

These routines take care of creating/destroying/etc. the objects that hold the DNS layer configuration. SPF_dns_server_t objects contain malloc'ed data, so they must be destroyed when you are finished with them, or you will leak memory.

Definition at line 437 of file spf_dns_test.c.

References array_elem, NULL, SPF_dns_zone_add_str(), SPF_dns_zone_new(), SPF_E_SUCCESS, and SPF_error.

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