spf_expand.c File Reference

Expansion routine for SPF macros. More...

#include "spf_sys_config.h"
#include <time.h>
#include "spf.h"
#include "spf_internal.h"
#include "spf_record.h"

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#define COMPUTE


SPF_errcode_t SPF_record_expand_data (SPF_server_t *spf_server, SPF_request_t *spf_request, SPF_response_t *spf_response, SPF_data_t *data, size_t data_len, char **bufp, size_t *buflenp)

Detailed Description

Expansion routine for SPF macros.

Definition in file spf_expand.c.

Define Documentation

#define COMPUTE

Definition at line 58 of file spf_expand.c.

Function Documentation

SPF_errcode_t SPF_record_expand_data ( SPF_server_t spf_server,
SPF_request_t spf_request,
SPF_response_t spf_response,
SPF_data_t data,
size_t  data_len,
char **  bufp,
size_t *  buflenp 

This could better collect errors, like the compiler does. This requires that *bufp be either malloced to *buflenp, or NULL This may realloc *bufp.

Definition at line 82 of file spf_expand.c.

References array_elem, SPF_request_struct::client_ver, SPF_request_struct::cur_dom, SPF_data_t::dc, SPF_data_t::ds, SPF_data_t::dv, SPF_request_struct::env_from, SPF_request_struct::env_from_dp, SPF_request_struct::env_from_lp, SPF_request_struct::helo_dom, SPF_request_struct::ipv4, SPF_request_struct::ipv6, SPF_data_str_t::len, SPF_request_struct::max_var_len, NULL, SPF_data_var_t::num_rhs, PARM_CIDR, PARM_CLIENT_DOM, PARM_CLIENT_IP, PARM_CLIENT_IP_P, PARM_CLIENT_VER, PARM_CUR_DOM, PARM_DP_FROM, PARM_ENV_FROM, PARM_HELO_DOM, PARM_LP_FROM, PARM_REC_DOM, PARM_STRING, PARM_TIME, SPF_data_var_t::parm_type, SPF_data_cidr_t::parm_type, SPF_data_str_t::parm_type, SPF_data_var_t::rev, SPF_ASSERT_NOTNULL, SPF_E_INTERNAL_ERROR, SPF_E_INVALID_VAR, SPF_E_NO_MEMORY, SPF_E_SUCCESS, SPF_E_UNINIT_VAR, SPF_error, SPF_realloc(), SPF_request_get_client_dom(), SPF_request_get_rec_dom(), and SPF_data_var_t::url_encode.

Referenced by SPF_record_find_mod_value(), SPF_record_interpret(), and SPF_request_get_exp().

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