spf_get_exp.c File Reference

#include "spf_sys_config.h"
#include "spf.h"
#include "spf_dns.h"
#include "spf_internal.h"
#include "spf_dns_internal.h"

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#define SPF_LAME_EXP   "SPF failure: no explanation available"


SPF_errcode_t SPF_request_get_exp (SPF_server_t *spf_server, SPF_request_t *spf_request, SPF_response_t *spf_response, SPF_record_t *spf_record, char **bufp, size_t *buflenp)

Define Documentation

#define RETURN_DEFAULT_EXP (  ) 


do {                 return SPF_server_get_default_explanation(spf_server,                                                 spf_request, spf_response, bufp, buflenp);                                 } while(0)

Definition at line 77 of file spf_get_exp.c.

Referenced by SPF_request_get_exp().

#define SPF_LAME_EXP   "SPF failure: no explanation available"

Definition at line 44 of file spf_get_exp.c.

Function Documentation

SPF_errcode_t SPF_request_get_exp ( SPF_server_t spf_server,
SPF_request_t spf_request,
SPF_response_t spf_response,
SPF_record_t spf_record,
char **  bufp,
size_t *  buflenp 

Definition at line 83 of file spf_get_exp.c.

References SPF_request_struct::cur_dom, SPF_dns_server_struct::get_exp, SPF_dns_rr_t::herrno, HOST_NOT_FOUND, SPF_macro_struct::macro_len, NETDB_SUCCESS, NO_DATA, ns_t_txt, NULL, SPF_dns_rr_t::num_rr, SPF_server_struct::resolver, RETURN_DEFAULT_EXP, SPF_dns_rr_t::rr, SPF_ASSERT_NOTNULL, SPF_dns_lookup(), SPF_dns_rr_free(), SPF_E_NOT_CONFIG, SPF_E_NOT_SPF, SPF_E_SUCCESS, SPF_EXP_MOD_NAME, SPF_macro_free(), SPF_record_compile_macro(), SPF_record_expand_data(), SPF_record_find_mod_value(), SPF_response_add_warn(), SPF_warning, TRUE, TRY_AGAIN, and SPF_dns_rr_data_t::txt.

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