spf_print.c File Reference

#include "spf_sys_config.h"
#include "spf.h"
#include "spf_internal.h"

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SPF_errcode_t SPF_record_print (SPF_record_t *spf_record)
void SPF_print_sizeof (void)

Function Documentation

void SPF_print_sizeof ( void   ) 

Definition at line 82 of file spf_print.c.

References SPF_infof.

SPF_errcode_t SPF_record_print ( SPF_record_t spf_record  ) 

Definition at line 45 of file spf_print.c.

References SPF_record_struct::mech_len, SPF_record_struct::mod_len, NULL, SPF_record_struct::num_mech, SPF_record_struct::num_mod, SPF_E_RESULT_UNKNOWN, SPF_E_SUCCESS, SPF_info, SPF_infof, SPF_record_stringify(), SPF_strerror(), and SPF_record_struct::version.

Referenced by main().

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