spf_record.c File Reference

#include "spf_sys_config.h"
#include "spf.h"
#include "spf_internal.h"
#include "spf_record.h"

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#define SPF_MSGSIZE   4096


SPF_record_tSPF_record_new (SPF_server_t *spf_server, const char *text)
void SPF_record_free (SPF_record_t *rp)
void SPF_macro_free (SPF_macro_t *mac)
SPF_errcode_t SPF_record_find_mod_value (SPF_server_t *spf_server, SPF_request_t *spf_request, SPF_response_t *spf_response, SPF_record_t *spf_record, const char *mod_name, char **bufp, size_t *buflenp)

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#define SPF_MSGSIZE   4096

Definition at line 44 of file spf_record.c.

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void SPF_macro_free ( SPF_macro_t mac  ) 

Definition at line 73 of file spf_record.c.

Referenced by SPF_request_get_exp(), SPF_server_free(), and SPF_server_set_explanation().

SPF_errcode_t SPF_record_find_mod_value ( SPF_server_t spf_server,
SPF_request_t spf_request,
SPF_response_t spf_response,
SPF_record_t spf_record,
const char *  mod_name,
char **  bufp,
size_t *  buflenp 

Definition at line 126 of file spf_record.c.

References SPF_ASSERT_NOTNULL, and SPF_record_expand_data().

Referenced by SPF_request_get_exp().

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void SPF_record_free ( SPF_record_t rp  ) 

Definition at line 63 of file spf_record.c.

References SPF_record_struct::mech_first, and SPF_record_struct::mod_first.

Referenced by main(), SPF_record_interpret(), SPF_server_free(), and SPF_server_set_localpolicy().

SPF_record_t* SPF_record_new ( SPF_server_t spf_server,
const char *  text 

Definition at line 48 of file spf_record.c.

References SPF_record_struct::spf_server.

Referenced by SPF_record_compile().

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